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California granite company california granite company.

Why should I buy a digi-pic when I could copy and paste off another site for free?

Chances are the photo displayed on another site is not for sale, and all works created are automatically copyrighted under law. If you purchase a royalty-free photo with permission, you have legally aquired another persons work and can use it according to the agreement made between you and the company.

What can I do once I purchase I purchase a photo(s) from Unef-id Create?

There are no limitations once a photo(s) is bought from here. You are free to print, copy and distribute as you please.

What are some of the benefits of digi-pics?

You can use digi-pics for numerous advertisements such as banners, magazine ads, cards, posters, etc. Plus, the photos are of high resolution and can be scaled larger with minimal loss of quality.

I want to buy a digi-pic. What do I have to do to purchase one?

All you have to do is send a request to info@unef-id.org and state the picture(s) you want and what size. You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.

There isn't a big selection of pictures here. Will there be more?

Yes, I will add more digital photos as I get them.